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Managed Services

Some organizations have discovered they benefit from technology services while understanding it is not a part of their core business, so we added Managed Services to our portfolio. The BW-E team has decades of experience managing technology, and our business model often allows us to manage certain IT assets more cost-effectively than in-house personnel. Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Online Sales and Marketing Operations
    Whether it's managing email campaigns, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), customer-facing content management (CMS) or customer relationship management (CRM), BW-E partners with you to remain relevant, effective and productive in an ever-changing digital economy.
  • Intranet Collaboration
    BW-E partners with our clients to establish and grow an internal online presence that aligns with our client's strategies, using the appropriate technology stack as needed: Open Source, Microsoft (SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.).

In addition, we partner with experts in foundational IT support services so that your organization can realize infrastructure benefits without the need to staff outside your business' core strengths. Examples of our partner skills include:

  • Desktop and Data Management
    Our partners know how to keep you up and running securely and predictably, and BW-E ensures their processes continue to meet high standards so that our client expectations of excellence are met.
  • Cloud Technologies (Google, Microsoft, and other SaaS options)
    If you have made the decision to move to the Cloud or still wondering what the "cloud" is all about, BW-E can help you make the best decision, transition and leverage the software service options available to you. 
  • Server Administration (Linux and Windows)
    Sometimes it makes sense to maintain an on-premise server, and BW-E partners have years of experience in remote server management, understanding that there are occasions where an on-site presence is also required.

Ask for a free assessment or talk to a customer representative to see how we can build predictable accessibility into your technology needs!