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The Breakwater Experience

The breakwater experience

BW-E LLC is a general contractor of technical management services with expertise in bridging the gap between technology tools and real business value. 

Coastal cities understand the need for a breakwater, a wall of defense that protects a harbor from rough waves and reduces beach erosion. BW-E LLC was created with that concept in mind, facilitating safe harbors for business by delivering solutions with excellence.

The ever-changing technology landscape has morphed the way business is conducted globally, and the skills needed to remain competitive today require a blend of both technical and business disciplines. This know-how empowers the individuals who drive the business so that the right tools can be applied in the right measure to support organizational goals. Ultimately, it's all about people benefiting from the business value by applying the appropriate level of "best practices" unique to each organization.

Portfolio of Services

  • BW-E University
    BW-E provides certification training to enhance individual and organizational capabilities, resulting in increased efficiencies and market value. Training is provided in different formats: self-paced online training, exportable training, or boot camp intensives. Request a free sample of one of our many certification training offerings to see how we can help you reach that next level.
  • Special Projects
    Applying a broad and deep understanding of business and technology, BW-E consultants are able to quickly assess in-flight projects as well as deliver new initiatives aligned with client goals, ideally mentoring in-house personnel while bringing at-risk projects and operations back on track.

BW-E is committed to growing professional relationships by delivering business solutions with excellence and integrity. Intrigued? If so, contact a customer representative to see how BW-E can help meet your unique needs.